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Help your users thrive in a modern workplace

Rolling out new Microsoft software and transitioning your users can be challenging for businesses. Without a combination of solid change management processes and learning tools, IT support can get inundated with help desk requests. All that and users don't become more effective in their jobs

Digital Content Factory: your guide to seamless onboarding

We understand that sometimes you need support to onboard new technology. Digital Content Factory provides courseware and quick reference guides for Microsoft Office, Windows, and Microsoft 365. We have 2 decades of experience with technology implementation and change management and deliver content in multiple languages.

Digital Content Factory: Your Modern Workplace Support

For the entire Microsoft Office Suite

We offer quick reference guides and courseware for Office 2019, 2016, Microsoft 365, Windows and all other versions of Office.

Customize your learning materials

Your learning materials should reflect your brand. Get customizations and visuals that fit with your roll out.

Licensing and pricing to fit your needs

Our licensing and pricing is designed with you in mind. whether you are a small business or a large enterprise we have options for you.

Multi-lingual content solutions

We'll work with you to deliver content to users in any language you need.

Work with us to meet your project milestones and budgets

Our quick reference guides and courseware are designed for any organization that wants to enable their people to do more with Microsoft technology.


We work to understand your unique requirements. Do you need product licensing, courseware or quick reference guides, digital or printed copies, multiple languages?


Once we better understand your needs, we customize your order to your specifications, branding the courseware and/or quick reference guides with your logo and company name, so it becomes uniquely yours.


We deliver all courseware and quick reference guides for your implementation, managing every detail of the transaction. All you need to do is handle our invoice and distribute the materials.

We can help your implementation or upgrade

Want to give your users something to reference?

Quick reference guides are professionally designed, full-color documents that gets users up-to-speed with Microsoft's desktop software. We offer guides for Office 2019, 2016, Microsoft 365, Windows and other versions of Office.
See our Product catalogues for product lists and details.

Need training materials?

Need help getting your users up to speed on new technology? Digital Content Factory delivers professionally designed manuals for training facilitators to deliver Microsoft Office desktop applications and Windows operating system classes. We offer courseware for multiple versions/suites of Microsoft Office and Windows (with multiple levels).
See our courseware catalogue for product lists and details.

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Don't take our word for it

Onboarding users to Microsoft Office?

Download our 3-step plan to ensuring happy users.

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