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Digital Guides for Remote Reference

Intended for organizations that want a cost-effective, quick, and responsible way to provide corporate-branded quick reference guides to their users.

Guides can be ordered on an as needed basis for any training sessions, or consider a library of guides hosted in a data room.

Hosted on our digital delivery system, your users can easy access guides directly from their computers.


Digital Guides as Required

Intended for use as a training session handout or other small group events on an as needed basis.

Users easily access their guide using a link (and a simple verification) that is associated with their email address.

This solution is hosted on our digital delivery system. Users can easy reference their unique guide before and after their training session.

Digital guides include the following:

• The organization's logo.

• They are available for online access for one-year.

• They may be desktop-printed (limit) to obtain a hard copy.

• They contain a watermark of the user's email address.

Digital Guide Library

Intended for organizations requiring manage access to a curriculum of guide titles.

A guide library is ideal for various scenarios such as:

• remote user access for many users.

• remote print repository for professional printing.

One shared-link provides access to the entire library (with permission controls) for all users.

A guide library eliminates the need for internal systems and deployment effort.

Corporate branding provided at no cost!

Content customization and localization is available. 
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