Product Licensing

What is Product Licensing & What is Included ?

Courseware and guide licensing is a site agreement where an organization receives PDF deliverables, and then deploys them within its internal systems.

Licensing includes

• Unlimited internal department use.

• Non-expiring license (use until no longer required).

• Custom branding provided at no charge. See examples of branding elements (organization logo, organization name, and help desk contact info). for courseware branding and/or guide branding.

• Desktop printing capability.

Licensing Benefits

Quickly Deploy Materials to Users

Quick turnaround, often within three-business days, depending on requirements.

Cost Effectively Deploy Materials to Users

Eliminate production and transportation costs.

Responsibly Deploy Materials to Users

Implement as part of an environmentally responsible solution.

Content Parity

Provide consistent materials across languages to all users.

Economical Customization

No cost branding and low cost customization available.

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