Provide corporate wide multilingual content to all your users


Intended for organizations who need to provide multilingual guides with content parity to their national, international or global users.

This service in addition to custom content, and corporate branding is the ultimate solution for organizations to provide custom guides.

Example of Canadian - English and French

English Guides

French (Canadian) Guides

Example of North American - English, French, and Spanish

English Guides

French (Canadian) Guides

Spanish (Mexico) Guides

Example of Global - Other Languages

North American Guides

Including (and not limited to) English, French (Canadian), and Spanish (Mexican), etc.

Western European and South American Guides

Including (and not limited to) Italian, German, Danish, Portuguese (including Brazilian), Spanish, French (Parisian), Swedish, Dutch, etc.

Asian and Other Country Guides

Including (and not limited to) those that require double-byte character support such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, etc.

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