Level up with custom quick reference guides

Guide Customization

Maintain your corporate brand by implementing your specific design and communication elements.

Further, consider enhancing the quick reference experience with custom content tailored for your users, as well as guide localization.


Guide Customization Options

Corporate Branding

We can implement an organization's corporate design and communication elements to maintain a corporate look-and-feel to their guides.

Custom branding is often free with any type of volume commitment, including digital guides.

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Custom Content

We can leverage existing guide content to inexpensively assemble a guide tailored to an organization's needs, as well as develop proprietary content for very specific requirements.

Custom content requirements vary, so they are scoped to determine if additional costs are required.

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Localized Guides

We can localize guides to any language.

Localized guides are often priced the same as English guides. There are some minor exceptions.

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