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Hosted-digital guides are intended for organizations that want to deploy guides to a subset of users such as certain departmental staff, or training participants. A main advantage of hosted-guides is that users can easily access them using a link associated with their email address.

To obtain more information or buy guides, click the Request Info button to submit your questions and/or purchase intentions. We will reply timely, providing any answers you need to proceed.

Price – Obtain access for only 3.25 USD or 4.25 CDN per user.

Hosted-Digital Guide Benefits

  • Provide your users with online access to guides (PDFs) quickly from our digital delivery system.
  • Effectively transition users to new software versions.
  • Provide your users with access to guides in multiple languages, and with content parity.
  • Provide your users with access to guides in an environmental responsible way.

    Hosted-Digital Guides Include

    • 24/7 online view access for 1 year.
    • Desktop printing capability.
    • Custom watermark (in footer) with user email address.

    Sample screen shown as follows:

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