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Corporate- digital guides are intended for organizations that want to deploy guides to their users using internal systems. Often, when organizations are transitioning their users to new Microsoft software; while being mindful of the timeliness to deploy them, and the costs to obtain them.

We have provided multi-lingual guides for thousands of users in government, higher education, training companies, as well as privately held companies.

To obtain more information or buy guides, click the Request Info button to submit your questions and/or purchase intentions. We will reply timely, providing any answers you need to proceed.

Promo Price 
  • Deploy your first guide to all your users for only 400 USD or 500 CDN.
  • Deploy additional guides for only 350 USD or 450 CDN each.

Digital Guide Benefits

  • Deploy your guides quickly  (PDFs) within your systems.
  • Effectively transition users to new software versions.
  • Receive guides with your corporate brand.
  • Receive guides in multiple languages.
  • Receive multi-lingual guides that maintain 
    ontent parity.
  • Deploy your guides in an environmental responsible way.

    Digital Guides Include

    • Your custom brand… including your company logo, your company name in the footer, and your help desk contact details.
      See Custom branding locations below.
    • Non expiring – unlimited internal use.
    • Bookmarks to navigate the guide.
    • Desktop printing capability.

    Custom branding locations are as follows:

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