Train your people without breaking the bank.

Quick reference guides are cost effective learning solutions for your next Microsoft roll out.

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Microsoft learning solutions shouldn't be costly.

Digital Content Factory's quick reference guides are a cost-effective way to onboard your people while minimizing help desk requests. They save you time, money, and the frustration that comes with a new Microsoft rollout.

Standard guide pricing

Pricing is based on guides with 8 pages of content. We also offer a small number of 4 & 12 page guides, which slightly adjusts pricing.

Printed Guides | 3.75 USD/guide

Volume discounts available for orders starting at 100 guides. *does not include shipping

Licensed Guides | Best Value!

600 USD for the 1st guide, discounts available for multiple guides and languages.

Customization | For smaller orders and more detailed customization, call for a quote.


Does your pricing include shipping?

No. Shipping is calculated based on the size of your order.

How much does it cost to customize my guide with my brand?

We include customization with guide licenses.

What is the cost to translate my guide into another language?

We will translate any guide at no extra cost with purchase of the equivalent English guide.

How should I determine which guide to buy?

We can help you choose the guide that's right for you.

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