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Quick reference guides for Microsoft Office, Windows, and Microsoft 365.

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Train your users on new features and functionality of Microsoft without the frustration.

Moving to new Microsoft solutions doesn't have to be difficult.

Quick reference guides are professionally designed - color documents that allow users to quickly and effectively get up to speed with using Microsoft productivity software.



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More than just learning support. Quick reference guides give you tangible business benefits.

Increased productivity

Individuals can become more independent solving typical software challenges in. as Students find their own solutions productivity improves and retention increases.

Reduced support costs

The cost for a single help desk call averages between $10 and $17. By reducing the reliance on a help desk and peer-to-peer support, organizations can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Improved ROI on technology roll-outs

An investment in guides is small when compared to the cost of a technology roll-out. The use of guides can significantly improve the return on your technology investments by lowering training and support costs.

Licensed guides... quick and easy learning.

Licensing is a site agreement where an organization receives their guides in PDF format and distributes to their users. Licensing quick reference guides is a fast and easy way to deliver learning content directly to your users. Every licensed file is designed for unlimited internal use with no expiration, print capabilities, and is corporate branded as described below.

Add your company's logo on the first page of your quick reference guide. 

Customized footer to associate the guide with your company.

Insert your company's help desk details on the last page.

Customize your guide

Looking for a guide that is targeted more to your users?
We can economically tailor a standard guide that is more specifically suited to your needs. We insert custom topics, remove topics not required by your users, and insert new custom screen captures.



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Level up your customization with a corporate custom guide

Corporate custom guides can be customized even further with customized page layout and branding to maintain corporate identity, specific topics that relate to your tasks and/or processes, and graphically illustrate tasks and/or processes.



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Need hard copies?

We offer standard quick reference guides for Microsoft Office, Windows, and Microsoft 365 in multiple languages that you can order and have shipped to your location.



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Eliminate frustration and help-desk requests for your next roll-out.

Support your people with Digital Content Factory's quick reference guides.



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