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Digital Courseware for Classes

A cost-effective, quick, and responsible way to provide training courseware to your users.

Courseware can be ordered on an as needed basis for any training sessions. Users can easy download courseware directly to their computers.


Digital Courseware for Classes

Overview & Benefits

Intended for training sessions where users require access to courseware.

Users easily access their courseware using a link (and a simple verification) that is associated with their email address.

This solution is hosted on our digital delivery system. Users can easy download their unique courseware before their training session, and can keep their own copy.

This offering can also be provided with corporate branded courseware.

How to Order & Download

1. Order administrators submit an order online. In addition to standard order details, include the names and email addresses of all the required users.

9.40 USD per user (1-day)
13.00 USD per user (2-day)

2. Order administrators receive a link, which they share with users so they can access courseware.

4. Users click the link, and then use their email address to authenticate their identity.

5. Users will see the courseware appear in a browser window, and then can download their unique courseware.

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We offer other digital courseware solutions (internally deployed and digital libraries), as well as traditional-physical courseware.

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