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We have offered digital-quick reference guides for some time, but they have become more popular over the last couple of years. Particularly as organizations transition their users to new Microsoft software; while being mindful of the timeliness to deploy them, and the costs to obtain them.

We have provided multi-lingual guides for thousands of users in government, higher education, training companies, as well as privately held companies.

Advantages of digital guides are as follows:

  • Quickly deploy your guides (PDFs) within your systems.
  • Effectively transition users to new software versions.
  • Deploy your first guide to all users for only 600 USD.
  • Receive discounts for multiple guides.
  • Receive guides with your corporate brand.
  • Receive guides in multiple languages.

As required, click the Request Info button to:

  • submit your questions.
  • request sample guides.
  • obtain a quote.

See the pricing table

The table below identifies the locations on a guide that are altered to create your custom brand.

Standard Corporate Branding Elements
There are three main areas of a guide that are customized to create your corporate brand are as follows: 
  • Your logo is inserted on the first page of the guide.
  • Your company or organization name is inserted in the footer (all pages) of the guide.
  • Your company or organization help desk contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, URLs) can be inserted on the last page of the guide.
Pricing table
Option Description and Cost (USD)

Purchase one standard guide for $600. Includes the following:

  • Corporate brand
  • Unlimited internal use with no expiration
  • Desktop print capability
2 - 5

Purchase between two and five standard guides for $550 each. 
Includes the same as above.


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