Word 2016 - Level 1 (1 day) | W161en

This course is intended for new Microsoft Word 2016 users. Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the concepts of word processing and learn how to launch and close Microsoft Word 2016, as well as open, save, and close documents.
  • Learn how to insert and delete text to edit a document, then print the document and select different views.
  • Learn how to change paragraph alignment, and how to move, copy, and replace text in a document.
  • Modify and enhance text appearance by changing character and paragraph formatting, and using Quick Styles.
  • Use tab stops, change indents, apply bullets and numbering, and change line spacing to enhance document appearance.
  • Use margins, page breaks, and headers and footers to enhance the page layout.
  • Simplify proofreading of documents by checking spelling, enhance productivity by using AutoCorrect and AutoText, and streamline document creation by using templates.

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