Visio 2016 Level 1 Course

Visio 2016 - Level 1 (1 day)

This course is intended for new Microsoft Visio 2016 users. Learning Objectives:
  • Create, open, close, and save drawing files; and work with stencils and drawing pages.
  • Use the drawing features in Visio, including the drawing tools, master shapes, and formatting tools; and formatting drawing pages using themes, variants, and Quick Styles.
  • Use the text editing and formatting tools available in Visio 2016.
  • Use shape connectors, and become familiar with methods of connecting shapes and glue types, as well as connecting organization chart shapes.
  • Add headers and footers to a drawing, create and apply background pages, and preview drawing files.
  • Use the Find Shape command to locate shapes on stencils, and use the Spelling dialog box to check for and correct spelling errors.

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