PowerPoint 2007 - Migration (0.5 day) | P174en

This course is intended for users who are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint and want to learn about the new end-user features of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, as well as the new features from Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2002, and/or Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 if required. Course Objectives:
  • Use features and functionality pertaining to the new user interface, as well as features relating to file formats, compatibility, locating hidden data, and the Help facility.
  • Use the Selection Pane, text and shape formatting and effect features, and the new Charting feature to enhance the appearance of presentations.
  • Use object and text animation, slides transitions, and slide design features that allow you to create professional-looking presentations.
  • Use supplemental features relating greyscale adjustments, password protection, packaging a presentation on a CD or a folder, the PowerPoint Viewer, the Presenter View, digital signatures, spell checking, and collaborative functionality.

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