Excel 2007 - Level 3 - VBA Macros (2 days) | S173Ven

This course is intended for participants who are familiar with Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Course Objectives:
  • Understand key concepts that will be used to build custom solutions using Excel VBA Macros
  • Become familiar with basic macro techniques
  • Understand how Visual Basic for Applications is incorporated, used, and modified in Excel
  • Learn how to design and lay out a customized dialog box to simplify data entry
  • Understand how to prepare a workbook containing macros and toolbars for deployment to other users and machines
  • Learn to customize macros with VBA source code to automate data entry tasks and enable source code protection
  • Learn to enhance source code with variables, constants, and logical operators
  • Learn to handle errors that can be generated when working with source code
  • Learn to access external data by using ActiveX Data Objects
  • Learn how to control Excel objects externally outside of the application

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