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Digital Content Factory's Quick Reference Guides (QRGs, or guides) are professionally designed - color documents, pertaining to popular desktop application software, such as Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, Office 365 and more. They allow users to quickly reference and learn how to perform many different software related tasks. For example:

  • How to insert charts... or format worksheets using Excel.
  • How to send... or archive e-mail using Outlook.
  • Explore the Backstage View in Microsoft Office 2016... to name a few.

In additional to being designed for effective reference and learning, our quick reference guides are designed to allow us to efficiently modify them to create a custom product, which may aide in a new software rollout, for example.

Customization services are offered for a small fee, but are often provided at no charge based on certain volumes and with a guide license

Our consistent design and learning elements result in the following benefits:

  • Increase Productivity - Individuals can become more independent in solving typical software challenges with a DCF guide. Productivity improves and retention increases as students find their own solutions.
  • Reduced Support Costs - The cost for a single help desk call averages between $10 and $17. The cost of peer-to-peer support is often hidden. By reducing the reliance on a help desk and peer-to-peer support, organizations can improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Improved ROI on Technology Rollouts - An investment in guides is small when compared to the cost of a technology rollout. The use of guides can significantly improve the return on your technology investments by lowering training and support costs.

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