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Our digital delivery courseware solution was implemented as a test in July 2019. Since then, we have successful fulfilled orders consisting of thousands of digital manuals. During this time, we have received positive feedback from customers thanking us for offering this new solution, and telling us how easy it is to order and obtain materials!

We are still in the process of refining and enhancing the system, including automation to streamline the process, working to offer purchases in both USD and CAD currencies (currently USD only), as well as other efficiencies. That said, we are fully capable to fulfill your orders now!

As required, click the Request Info button to:

  • submit your questions.
  • request a sample download.
  • request access to our ordering pages.

The steps directly below outline and describe the various stages of the workflow as it is today.

See the pricing table

1. Submitting Orders
  • We ask that you order no later than five days (or sooner) before the manuals are required. This allows ample time for processing and sharing order details with you.
  • The ordering process overall is the same as any other e-commerce transaction, i.e. select the title you want and checkout.
  • You check out with a credit card to process the payment, unless you have previously established an account with us.
  •  We require the name and email address for each student requiring a manual. An email address is used to uniquely identify a manual, and to obtain access to it.
  • Click this link to review our hoster's privacy policy regarding the use of email addresses.
2. Receiving and Sharing Links
  • Within a couple of days of submitting your order, you will receive an email with all of the links, one per student/manual.
  • You share the assigned link with the appropriate student so they can access their manual.
3. Accessing Digital Courseware

From a training provider and an end user perspective, the system allows students to access manuals (PDF files) directly from their computers.

To do so, students will:

  1. Click their assigned link, and then enter their email address.
  2. Navigate to their email inbox to verify their email address.
  3. The document will appear, and then they can download it (assuming such functionality was requested in the order).
4. Using Courseware PDF Files

Courseware PDF files have the following characteristics and functionality:

  • A watermark in the footer area to uniquely identify the document. It consists of the user's email address or name, the training company, and the training date. However, there's no time limit on the PDF. It is the students to keep.
  • A very-light watermark on the middle of the page to prevent reproduction. It appears only if the PDF is printed.
  • Bookmarks to help navigate the chapters and sections of the manual.
  • Ability to accept comments, so students can insert their own notes (assuming they have a PDF editor).



Pricing table
Option Description Cost USD
1 Purchase individual courses (by course date/class) to allow your training participants download access to training materials directly from their computer. $9. per user (1-day course) 
$13. per user (2-day course)

Purchase an annual license for partial or entire curriculums for company/department download access.

Allows employees to download training materials directly to their computer from your personal courseware portal hosted by us. Includes the cost (USD) to:

  • Custom brand the materials.
  • Custom brand your courseware portal.
$500. per title (1-day course)
$750. per title (2-day course)
$2900. per curriculum

Year two renewal or version change 35% discount.

Purchase partial or entire curriculums for company/department deployment on your own management systems.

Allows an assigned person(s) from your organization to downloaded the materials for storage/deployment on your internal systems.

Includes the cost (USD) to custom brand materials.

$600. per title (1-day course)
$850. per title (2-day course)
$3300. per curriculum

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