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Courseware licensing is a site agreement where an organization/enterprise receives and deploys (normally via there intranet) PDF files of the requested titles.

The benefits of a license include the following:

  • Quickly acquire and deploy to users.
  • Reduce costs by providing access to electronic manuals, as opposed to hard copies.
  • Provide a consistent curriculum to all employees.
  • Hire preferred contract instructors to deliver consistent training across multiple enterprise locations.
  • Control the content delivered to your employees.
  • Ease of use of the material for remote training of users
  • Implement as part of a green solution by eliminating production and transportation costs.
  • Consistent material that can be referenced by all employees.
  • Includes desktop print capability.
  • Low cost customization service available.

Included in a license is the following:

  • Unlimited internal use.
  • Non expiring license (use until no longer required).
  • Minor customization provided at no charge (for example, customer logo, customer footer, and insert Help desk contact info.

Below are a couple of licensing scenarios for illustration purposes. Each requirement is unique – please use the link below to contact us for a quote for your individual needs.

Scenario 1:

A North American organization was upgrading from Office 2010 to Office 2016 and to Windows 10.
The organization needed to get its 4000 users up to speed quickly on the new features of Office 2016 and Windows 10.

The solution was to license our entire Office 2016 courseware curriculum, as well as Windows 10 - Level 1.
The materials were provided to remote users to log in to training sessions to make more efficient use of their classroom training events. The organization also licensed our Office 2016 quick reference guides to complete its requirements.

Total Fee was $ 17,000.00 including 40 hours of customization.

Scenario 2:

A small/medium municipality was upgrading from Office 2010 to Office 2016, and to Windows 10. It employed 2500 people, 600 of which were daily computer users with a wide range of knowledge based on job functions.

The solution was to license our core Office 2016 quick reference guides (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & Windows 10) to cover the more basic functions. In addition, Word and Excel level 2 and 3 courses (six in total) were licensed to cover more advanced topics, and 800 physical quick reference guides were optionally purchased at a discounted price (as per guide licensing benefits).

Total fee was $6600 including the physical guides.

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